Nuwanda (highschoolhussy) wrote,

In which I make the Diva Cup my lover, among other things.

It definitely feels like spring has sprung here today, despite some minor flooding (none my way, but some areas are under a bit of water).

I had breakfast with friends this morning and went shopping as well. Hi, new spring clothes. Hi, extra copies of The Hobbit for my middle schoolers.

Two of my besties, AKA the cutest couple in the entire fucking world, are moving to California. The one boy wants to have his own design firm, so it makes sense. That is a lot easier to do in Orange County, CA than in Tiny Town, WV. Still, I will miss them living 5 minutes away from me and opening their apartment and wine bottles to me for Glee and Kathy Griffin watching. I will miss their adorable in love faces and also their adorable dogs. Le sigh. Good luck, M and N. I know you will not miss living in back of N's insane mother. I am hoping that they get there, various legal issues are cleared up (*cough*the Prop 8 debacle*cough*) and I get to fly out to Cali for a wedding. Let's do it, boys!

In TMI news, I finally ordered a Diva Cup, and it is the berries! I was pretty much ready to give up on it at first because I could not get it in. After some multiple attempts and methods of folding, though, I finally did manage to get it in. I am one of those, get it partway in, twist it around, get it in the rest of the way girls, and I have the use the punch-down fold. Share your Diva/Instead/whatever cup stories here, ladies!

My iTunes is a great place to be today. Lots of Avett Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Gin Blossoms, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Beatles. I am into folky stuff, guys. What else should I listen to?

I have so many books I want to read. A former prof sent me one called Miss Hempel Chronicles which is making me laugh a lot, being an account of a woman who is in her first year teaching 7th grade (as I am). Definitely a quirky but accurate portrayal. I also just received a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay in the mail, and I have several titles from Half Price Books I want to read (The Little Stranger is a particular temptation). I also have this delightful-looking YA novel called The Mysterious Benedict Society that looks like the kind of book I would have loved at 12 and also now. I am into big fat books at the moment. Recommend your favorite big fat titles, please, flist.

Did I mention I teach full-time now? I do. It has been tiring to get used to, but I am settling in now. The school year continues apace.

Okay, back to reading the opening chapters of The Hobbit for Monday.
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