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Today was a heap of awkward and awesome. First, the awkward, under a cut for possible TMI about a medical procedure:

I had to have a follow-up for a pelvic ultrasound today. I have been having somewhat irregular periods for about a year now, and my doc wanted to make sure things were copacetic because my mom had ovarian cancer. ANYway, blood tests from August were normal, but an ultrasound showed I had a small ovarian cyst. Today was the follow-up ultrasound.

Last ultrasound, no one bothered to tell me to come with a full bladder, so I assumed they were just doing a transvaginal ultrasound. Wrongo. I had to sit in the waiting room for an age while drinking a giant bottle of water. Ah well, life goes on, the ultrasound was smooth sailing, etc.

Today I went back for a second look and at least was informed this time that I had to drink lots of water, 32 ounces to be precise. I had registered ahead of time. I was sent straight back to the radiology department. I handed over my registration slip. Life was grand. I sat down, opened HP7, and began to read. This was 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment.

Cut to me 1 hour later. I am sweating. My eyes are brimming with tears. Every time I try to stand up, my bladder cramps hideously. People are looking at me strangely. I am embarrassed and very near peeing my pants. I stagger to the desk and ask the nurse when I might be called back. She, very kindly, tells me I need to go to the bathroom and that she will call the ultrasound tech. I thank her and stagger off to the best pee of my life.

The ultrasound, of course, took approximately 15 minutes, all told. I was very grateful for kind nurses, but my bladder still hurts. Oy.

On to the awesome.

Remember how great Harry Potter is? Yeah, me too. I just got a refresher course over the last couple of months because I have been re-reading the whole series. I finished 7 today, and man. What a ride. It's like finishing an emotional decathlon reading that book.

HP7 was also my 87th book of the year. I am now on the fast track to read 100 by December 31. I am currently 2 parts into the Rufus Wainwright biography, There Will Be Rainbows and just put in an Amazon order for Tomorrow Never Knows: The silverchair Story because I never got to read it during the height of my 'chair obsession and finally have the resources to procure it now. I feel a little like my 10th grade self now waiting for it to ship.

As always, flist, I hope you are well.
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