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Because I basically never post anything...

...Here is a post! Hurrah!

So, I was flipping through my journal (as you do), and I found this list, and I need to share it with my flist because I think you all will relate. Here is my list of non-sexual kinks that I love to see in fiction, fannish or otherwise. Schmoop ahoy, and all male/male related, though these could be applied to ladies/gender-variant folk if you prefer. You have been warned:

1. Boys waking up snuggly together in the morning. Like, if you write about boys in love all cozy in the sheets and like, making each other breakfast and lazy morning kisses that maybe lead to sexytimes, I will read your fic a thousand and one times.

2. Boys bathing each other/together! Why is this not more of a ~thing in fic? Showering is fine and dandy, but there is something about soaping each other up in the bathtub and shampooing each other's hair into ridiculous shapes that I would really like to see more of.

3. One boy being sick and the other taking care of him, making him soup, etc. I WILL READ ANY FIC OF THIS NATURE.

4. Truth or Dare that leads to the confession, accidental or otherwise, of secret love.

5. Secretly mutual pining that leads at last to the relief of the sexual tension. I don't really ~dig unrequited love so much. I am more invested when both dudes are super into each other but afraid to tell each other for fear of being rejected. If it is accidentally revealed a la #4, so much the better.

6. Pretty much any/all physical hurt/comfort and some emotional hurt/comfort. Mostly that whole, "Someone just punched you in the face and insulted you/your mom/your pet hedgehog. Let me wipe the blood from your face/clear the besmirched name of your hedgehog and kiss you better."

What are you favorites, flist? Can you point me in the direction of bandom/Inception fics like these that I haven't read?

In other news, life is pretty okay. I should be moving out of my parents' house soon, so that is exciting. I bought a beautiful sweater today and birthday presents for my dad/bro-in-law, but then I overdid it because I have been queasy and feverish all weekend, so I am taking the rest of the day to read Harry Potter. School started last week, and the kids are great so far. I hope it stays that way, as last year was not my favorite year of teaching thus far. How are your lives? I hope you all are well, you fabulous people, you.

P.S. Feel free to talk about mostly-naked Brendon in the comments.
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