Nuwanda (highschoolhussy) wrote,

Holy crap, I just spent a lot of money.

As the title of this entry implies, my checking account is a good deal smaller than it used to be. However, I am now in possession of a new (used) vehicle! Hurrah! His name is Oscar, and he is a silver 2004 Toyota Rav 4. He is lovely and runs and does not whine about going up hills and doesn't (presumably) have a terrible oil leak or a slipping transmission. He also does not have a W '04 sticker or a Jesus fish on the back of him, which is MOST excellent. In short, hurray!

Sinus cleansing continues apace. I used up the pre-mixed bottle I had, and I ended up not caring for it. I didn't feel like it was adequately cleaning anything, and I still felt congested and sneezy when I finished. I bought a new one today that requires you to mix the solution yourself and allows you to warm the water first. Much nicer and, though I have only used it once, it seems to work a lot better. I feel pretty clear, and I didn't have a sneezing fit after using it. Again, MOST excellent.

I realized today that in the span of a month or so, I have come into the possession of 32 new (to me) books. Seven of these were purchased used for about $5 total; 14 were donated by a cousin; 7 were for Christmas, and 4 were purchased for my classroom library. That is a lot, but well worth it, I think. I can't wait to read all of them.

How are your lives, flist? What are you reading? How are things? Are you getting enough sleep and eating your vegetables? Tell me, do.
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