Nuwanda (highschoolhussy) wrote,

Oh, the holiday

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate today; merry Saturday to those who do not.

Good haul this year. I got all the books I asked for (the Gemma Doyle trilogy, Company of Liars, My Life in France, and Our Tragic Universe), Modern Family season 1, seasons 2, 3, and 5 of How I Met Your Mother, seasons 3 and 4 of Designing Women, Prima Donna: The Story of an Opera (about Rufus Wainwright's opera), some new cardigans, shirts, jeans, and pajamas, and most importantly INCEPTION! I was watching it on my old DVD player, but the speakers are less than awesome on the TV, and it kept crackling. I have decided to wait until I can watch it on the nice TV with the Blu-Ray player (sometime after this football game is over? Maybe?).

I have also been stuffing my face and fielding Kindle questions from my aunt all day. It has been a good time, really. Pie and fudge and noodles and hot turkey sandwiches. Yum.

I have also finally gotten the hang of this sinus cleanse thing (not a Neti pot, but similar) that I bought, and now I feel like I am smelling and hearing everything possible. Weird. I do want to maybe buy a different type, though, as this one comes with the solution in it. It kind of feels like I am squirting pool water up there, so I would like one where I can warm the water first. I am hoping I wake up and don't gag myself coughing tomorrow, but I will not be terribly sad if tomorrow morning is just like all the others.

Also, I may be buying a new car soon! Yay! A dealership nearby has a nice used Rav 4 in my price range. This will be sooooo much nicer than the 15-year-old Jeep with an oil leak and bad battery I have been driving. Also, my friends will not be able to call my new car the Holy Roller. Long story.

How was your day/holiday, flist? How can I manage to read all my new books at one time? Please let me know if this is biologically/mentally possible. Also, please tell me about the fun or interesting things your received, gave, or did today.
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