Nuwanda (highschoolhussy) wrote,

Rufus Wainwright 8/8/10

I will have much more to say in the morning, as right now I am tired as balls. Saw my beloved Rufus in Pittsburgh this evening. Martha was the special guest/opener, and I knew she was great, guys, but I did not know she was BEYOND FABULOUS. ♥_______♥ &Martha;

Rufus' first set was amazing and art-y and wonderful, and the second set was magically filled with my favorite Rufus songs. "Dinner at Eight" and "Hallelujah," of course, but "Memphis Skyline" was my emotional downfall of the evening. You guys. YOU GUYS. THAT SONG. UGGGGHHHH, this was my face


during the whole song. Of course he also talked about his late mother a good bit and performed one of Kate's songs as the finale. Such a great night; I never wanted it to end.

Quotes I remember and will explain more fully tomorrow:

"Caskets and More! And it was right down the street from Beauty Mark, Inc. It was closed, too, so I really want that sign."--Rufus

"My shoes? They're Marc Jacobs. I have heard that Marc Jacobs doesn't actually *design* the shoes, but...anyway, thank you. ...You know, when you're on the road with Rufus, you have to buy some nice shit." --Martha

(introducing "La Complainte de la Butte," another fave of mine) "It's called 'La Complainte de la Butte,' which many Americans interpret as the Complaint of the Butt." (he explains its location in Paris) "But I guess if you did have to walk up all those steps, your butt would complain." --Rufus

(talking about the erotic art section of the Warhol museum) "And in front of it, there's a curtain explaining, you know, there's explicit material behind this, and it's a-a-a cotton curtain, and I just kept saying, 'We're going...behind the Cotton Curtain!' And inside was all this homoerotic, you know, gay stuff, gay art, and there were these two guys, college, you know, straight guys, who were trying to be very cool, very, 'Okay, okay,' and looking around, and then about a minute later turned around and were outta there!"
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