Nuwanda (highschoolhussy) wrote,

Tonight was all about...


I loved it! I am fairly set in what I believe happened. HOWEVER, you should gab about it with me in the comments. Okay? Okay. See you there.

And just so we're clear...

It was all a dream. Right? 'Cause you see Cobb's totem throughout, but never really anyone else's except when they talk about them/Ariadne makes hers. It's probably the most boring theory, and I kind of want it to not have been all a dream, but I think the whole movie was just Cobb's subconscious, I don't know, fighting to get out of limbo or whatever. I enjoyed the theme of "letting go" because it was done in a fun way. Like, as a piece about letting go of grief, it's really fucking fantastic.

Plus, if Fischer died in the third layer, but it was his dream, shouldn't they all have kicked out/gone into limbo? Did I miss something there? I was under the impression that the dreamer still controlled everything, even though the others obviously played a role. Plus all the stuff from Cobb's subconcious is there, and the only "attacks" on Cobb occur when he is with Fischer as sort of...a red herring? I am not explaining that well, but I have also been drinking. Okay, tell me your thoughts; I am too tired.
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